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Quick Summary: This collection will never be completed; more material will be added regularly.


Business issues are constantly changing, and this collection cannot possibly address all of the current and ever-expanding issues regarding the starting and running of businesses.  Far more information, written by individuals far better qualified than the author, is available online and at bookstores.

After three years of organizing, writing, and editing, the first release of this website included 493 articles.  All of them were listed with a date of 01/06/2017.  As new articles are released or as major changes are made to existing articles, the current date that the article is uploaded will be listed.

The site is far from complete.  In fact, it will never be complete!  Articles will be edited, new articles will be added, and tools, presentations, and other related material will be created and uploaded on a (somewhat) regular basis.  As of May 17, 2021, a total of 659 articles are now on the site.

Below is a list of the subjects that will be covered in future articles.  Some of the subjects will be covered in individual articles while others will consist of a series of related articles.   Sixty-four planned article titles are listed in alphabetical order below.  They will over the next several months.

Add a Zero to What You are Doing

Always a Reason for Underserved Markets

Are You a Soloist?

Backfiring Claims; Statements Last Forever

Balancing the Coefficients: Always Hard

Be 3 Dimensional Before You Are 2 Dimensional

Be a Sponge, Not a Squeegee

Can You Raise the Price?

Cold, Clean, Barrell: Off the Mark

Company Name or Product Name

Different Types of Revenue

Dismissing a Partner

Don't Be Too Cute

Entropy and Customer Satisfaction

Evaluating Partners

Exhibit Driven Contracts

Fallen Feels Like Flying

Focus Does Not Mean Wearing Blinders

Focus on Market Depth and Breadth

Goliath Can Accidentally Step on You

Great - For Somebody Else

History May Lead You Astray

Hope Doesn't Pay the Bills

Hunter or Gatherer Sales Teams

Is Crystal Clear?

It Costs Four

Jump Start Sales Reps

KDMs Versus Champions

Learn from the Titanic

Let Others Lead

Leveraging Others

Make the Rules w/Quad Charts

Move to When, Not If

Neck Down or Neck Up

Not Partnering May Be Best

Not Yet versus Not Now or Never

One Shot versus Recurring Revenue

Outsourcing is Binary

Overnight Can Take Ten Years

Passed by Wait and See

Pick the Right Elephant

Pogo Stick Focus

Prospect Interest

Radically Different but Easy to Grasp

Referral Partners, Blind Date Matchmakers

Share Credit, Own the Blame

Show Confidence, Not Contracts

Show That You are a Winner with Factoids

Size Matters

The Answer for Us is Yes

The Area Under the Curve is Constant

The Best Investment: Prepaid Orders

The Funnel is a Sieve

The Missing Chapter in Business Plans

The Real Costs of Customer Acquisition

The Ups and Downs of the Revenue Cycle

To Scale or Not to Scale: That is the Question

Watching Leading Indicators

What Do You Want Them to Say About You

What Do You Want to Hide From Them

What Should Keep You Up at Night

When to Quit

When, Not If

You Are Not Alone

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