Introduction to Volume 9

Quick Summary: This volume’s contents do not fit into the structure of the site but may be equally valuable.


Volumes Two through Seven, attempt to cover the broad range of topics that may be of interest to entrepreneurs and managers of companies.  Without a doubt, the articles in this colletion only begin to scrqtch the surfqce of most subjects.  There is also a wealth of related material that does not fit into the volumes and chapters in this collection.  This does not, by inference, indicate that those topics are any less important. This volume is a repository for “everything else” that was not included in the structured main body of the collection.

No matter how much forethought went into planning this collection, from the beginning, it was obvious that there would be a wealth of information that simply would not fit into the planned volumes and chapter.  Hence, an “Everything Else” volume was planned.  Furthermore, the volume will be open ended and include new topics as they appear or are discovered. 

The listing below shows the initial categories along with a brief description and their status.  Most of the planned contents will not be included for some time.  Instead, the backlog of planned articles (as listed) will take priority.  As the contents are updated, the issue date of this article will be updated so that users can quickly determine what has been added by selecting the “WHAT’S NEW” tab on the footer of the site’s home page.

Topics and Chapters included or planned in this Volume

Site Statistics [Open]

Statistics regarding the number of articles, their size, organization, and status.  As well as usage sites for the site itself.

Article Listings [Open]

A list of all the articles both by Volume/Chapter and alphabetically by Article Title.  The listings might be in the form of a download link to an Excel™ file.

What’s Coming [Open]

This section will include lists of the planned future articles, tools, and presentations that will be added to the appropriate volumes when completed.

Lessons Learned [Open]

This section will consist of “war stories” and antidotes from myself and related to me by others that may be helpful to others.

Other Resources [Open}

There are thousands of books, articles, web sites, and other sources of material regarding starting or running a company.  This section will contain a list or links to those sources that the author has discovered or have been recommended by others. Of course, the listing will be only a fraction of the material that is available.

Articles from Others [Open]

Similar to the “Other Resources” section, this section will include useful information created by others.  In most cases, the material will have been created for this site to supplement the content in the main body of the other volumes.  It is anticipated that others may have views that differ from the main body articles.  This section will provide an opportunity to express those views.  In some cases, articles included in this section will be referenced in the applicable main body articles.

Comments from Others [Open]

Over time, a blog or forum may be added to the site.  Until then (if ever), this section will include comments about the site and specific articles submitted by others.  Of course, they will be filtered by the Site Administrator!

Whatever [Open]

               Yes, “whatever” doesn’t fit into one of the Everything Else categories will be included here.


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The weight of your world does not have to be on your shoulders.
The articles in this site will help to lift that weight from your shoulders.
Pick an article similar to how you pick a route on a page of an atlas.
There is no need to look at other articles, just as you ignore other pages in an atlas.
It is easy to start a business but it is hard to run. Bumps and unexpected sharp turns in the road are always present.
Others have traveled the road before you; learn from them. This site may help.