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Quick Summary: This is a list of the available presentations on the CxO-Atlas website.


These presentations cover many of the individual subjects contained in the articles on the CxO-Atlas website.

Over the years, the author has prepared delivered a large number of presentations that cover a wide range of business topics.  Audience sizes have varied from a few individuals to hundreds.  Presentation lengths also varied from 20-minute over-lunch sessions to two-hour seminars.  This chapter contains updated versions of those presentations.   Planned presentations that will be added over time and are listed in article 8.010004.

All of the presentations were created with Microsoft PowerPoint™ and utilize only the product's basic capabilities.  The files, therefore, should be compatible with most other presentation software tools.  Only the default fonts were used to also help with portability. The presentation includes standard PowerPoint Notes that are intended to provide the user with background information and more details about each slide's content.  The Notes, in narrative form, are not intended to be used in real-time by the presenter as they present to an audience.  The Notes should be thought of as a study guide to be used in presentation rehearsals.   To aide in this activity, a separate PDF file that contains the slide notes is included with most of the presentations to allow the presenter to "read along" as they view the slides in the presentation mode.

What will become apparent when viewing any of the presentations included in this chapter is that the author has minimal artistic ability!  Hopefully, the user can get past the "visual impairment" of the slides and focus on the content.  The presentations are not "sales" or "investor" slide shows, intended to "sell" the subject.  Instead, they were created as educational slide decks. As such, the "presentation rules" such as “lots of pretty pictures,” 40-point font, and ten words per slide were not followed – not by a long-shot!

Once registered on the website, users can download the presentations and the associated Note files.  Users are free to use the presentations as they see fit, requiring only the acknowledgment that the material is owned by RDK Consulting, Inc. and was made available through the www.CxO-Atlas.com website.

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Quick Summary


Seven Business Principles

Mission and Vision Statements seem to get all the attention, but they are based on seven key foundational principles that must be present and constantly reinforced.


Business Plans versus Planning a Business

Creating a business plan is certainly necessary but it is not sufficient.  Think of them as a game plan but once the game begins, it is all about  continuing to adapt.


Three Questions to Answer

There are three simple but important questions about the fundamental premise of the business that every entrepreneur needs to objectively answer.


Avoidable Gotchas Presentation

Think of these issues as a checklist of what not to do.


Who Should Do What, When Presentation

Defining the required activities by revenue stage is the key in developing a realistic business plan. 


Early-Stage Pitfalls

Continually review a list of pitfalls of errors and missteps made by other entrepreneurs.



With some additional areas of study, EMBAs are uniquely qualified to start their own business.


The Entrepreneur's Journey

An overview for high school students about being an entrepreneur.


Conserving Your Most Precious Resource

A description of the concept of Rail Diagrams that help to provide objectivity in weighing alternatives.


Artists in Business

Artists are the equivalent of Subject Matter Experts in business, and also need  to address all of the disciplines of operating an on-going concern.


Ten Triplets to Think About

As the Chief Everything Officer, there are always more priority tasks to accomplish than there is time to do them.  Setting the right priority at the right time and expending the right level of resources is always a challenge.


Three Entrepreneur Fatal Flaws

There appears to be three underlying issues that can be fatal but are well within the control of the entrepreneur that, after the fact, are obvious.


Guidance from Gurus Part 1

Learning from others is probably the most important attribute that one can have. Three PPT presentations that each include 12 authors and their quotations that are directly applicable to most businesses.


Guidance from Gurus Part 2

See Part 1 description


Guidance from Gurus Part 3

See Part 1 description


Management by Objectives: Incentive-Based Compensation

Develop specific goals and metrics to help ensure stakeholders are motivated.


Management by Objectives: Incentive-Based Compensation

Implementing an effective bonus plan for some or all employees allows a company to definitively identify the most important company goals and allows individuals or groups to financially benefit when they are achieved.


Sales Compensation Presentation

Developing a fair and equitable sales compensation plan must consider many factors.


Sales Compensation Presentation

All of us become masters of our measurement system.  Sales Reps are no different than anyone else.  Developing a variable compensation plan that is attractive to them and supports the company’s goals is critical.


First 100 Days

The first 100 days after stepping in as the new CxO sets the long-term success pattern.


Negative Thinking to Avoid Negative Results

A numerical method to capture the likelihood and severity of risks that the company faces


Your Message: Less is More

Create messages on what you want your audience to understand and remember, internalize, and repeat to others.


Force Multiplication Through Partner

Developing mutually beneficial partnerships is essential to businesses of every size.  Understanding the pros and cons is critical.


Sales Strategies: Myths and Insights

A rigid, robotic approach to sales does not work. Sales adaptability is key. Understand the wide variety of customers and their buying motives.


Selling: It's all about Matching First

It is a triple availability issue: the buyer, the seller, and their awareness and interaction are required.


It's All About Revenue

You cannot save your way to success or profitability.  Revenue is the key ingredient, but the kind of revenue and its timing must be carefully considered.


Re-Imagine Your Business

Being known for (only) one thing can establish a deep-routed lasting reputation. You can do it with one single word.


Who is Your Customer

There are several factors that need to be considered before answering this seemingly simple and straightforward question.


Funding Alternatives

There are a dozen different sources of funding for a startup and provides the recommended order to pursue them.


Inside the Head of Investors

Understanding the thought process, motivation and required outcomes of Venture Capital firms and their Limited Partners is critical to receive funding from investors.


Early-Stage Investor Questions

An investor pitch should be a summary of the details that address obvious investor questions.


Investor Pitch Realities

Early-stage companies are rarely ready or successful in raising money; they shouldn't even try.


Landing a Job

Proper planning and execution are imperative in securing a new position.


SI Forum: Company Focus*

The lack of market focus is probably the number one reason that startups fail.


SI Forum: Internal Issues*

ignoring day-to-day and growing pain details are always a threat to long-term success.


SI Forum: Investor Considerations*

Pursuing financial investors most likely is a bad idea for entrepreneurs.


SI Forum: Sales and Revenue*

Revenue is the wonder drug; it fixes almost everything.  Focus on it accordingly.


One Million Cups Presenter Questions

A subset of the Three Questions that Must be Answered presentation targeted at the One Million Cups audience.


Tiny Goals for Maximum Results**

Divide major tasks into bite-size pieces to better monitor overall progress.


Elevator Pitches Should Work in 2 Story Buildings**

Less is More: Give your audience bite-size pieces of information about your business.


David and Goliath Business Partners**

Working with established partners than compliment your company is a key to success.


Navigating Thru Uncharted Waters**

During unsettling times (Covid), it is essential to think through the current situation and plan accordingly.


*Handout notes used in an interactive forum that discuss a wide variety of subjects. Each article listed contains multiple session notes.

**A series of five presentations given to the Life Lessons over Lunch Forum.  Some are shortened versions of other listed presentations.


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