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Quick Summary: This is a list of the available tools on the CxO-Atlas website.


These tools cover many of the individual subjects contained in the articles on the CxO-Atlas website.

Over the years, the author has created several different tools that use the capabilities of Microsoft Excel™.  Many use some of the features of Visual Basic of Applications (“macros”) to manipulate the data.  Because of the use of VBA, the tools may not be compatible with other spreadsheet models.  Most of the articles that link to the tools also provide access to user manuals created for each tool.

Once registered on the website, users can download the presentations and the associated Note files.  Users are free to use the tools as they see fit, requiring only the acknowledgment that the material is owned by RDK Consulting, Inc. and was made available through the www.CxO-Atlas.com website.

Available Tool Listing

Article Number


Quick Summary


Company Assessment Tool Basic Version

These articles and the associated Excel™ workbooks are a tool that an investor could use to evaluate and compare companies.  Useful for entrepreneurs and companies seeking capital.


Company Assessment Tool Advanced Version

These articles and the associated Excel™ workbooks are a tool that an investor could use to evaluate and compare companies.  Useful for entrepreneurs and companies seeking capital.


Risk Assessment Tool (4 versions)

These articles and the associated Excel workbooks provide a numerical method to capture the likelihood and severity of risks that the company faces.


Investor Messages Evaluation Tool

Evaluate your company with statements that are likely to be important to investors. Can you make them today or not until tomorrow?


Comparative Analysis with Rail Diagrams

Create and use some objective criteria in weighing alternatives to help avoid biases. The diagrams are:
--Qualifying Prospects
--Targeting Customers
--VC Investor Filtering
--Angel Investor Filtering


Process Examples: Overview***

Using simple tools can make process implementation quick and easy.


Process Example: Ordering Lunch***

This is an example of the use of five simple tools to create a process.


Process Example: Customer Fulfillment***

This is an example of the sequential use of five simple tools to create a series of processes.


Process Example: Inflection Point Sequential Processes***

This is an example of using only two or the five available tools to create a series of processes.


Limited Partner Returns Model

Adequate Limited Partner returns require VCs to find Grand Slam company exits.


Term Sheet Example

The deal terms, not the valuation, determine the outcome of a company sales transaction.


Sales Compensation Workbook

Develop a sales compensation tool that is easy to use by the sales rep and the company.


***These articles provide real-world examples of five different simple tools that can be used to create processes.  The nine articles in Chapter 6.03 provide the context for these examples.

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This Search technique can be used to display a list of articles in a particular Volume, Chapter, and Sector by making sequential (Volume, Chapter, and Sector) selections in each search box.


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