Navigating Thru Uncharted Waters

Quick Summary: During unsettling times, it is essential to think through the current situation and plan accordingly.


During unsettled times, it is easy to follow the herd mentality and take immediate action without first objectively evaluating both the short-term and long-term likely events and their impacts on your business.  One must plan to get through the current situation and emerge in a position that will allow quick recovery.

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This presentation was created during the initial onset of the COVID-19 virus in the United States. In the last week or so, the stock market has seen its worst decline ever.  Virtually all public events have been cancelled, and many businesses have been forced to close down or dramatically curtail their operations. In addition to the tactically and strategically prudent steps that are being taken, irrational behaviors have also occurred.  The hoarding of toilet paper is probably the largest and most outrageous action that has been taken.

Clearly, every business manager and owner is attempting to determine what to do in these unprecedented times.  No one knows, especially the talking heads that are constantly on the 24 hour “news” channels, how long this situation will last or how severe it will be.  Uncertainty is the only thing that is certain.

Businesses need to avoid the natural knee-jerk reaction that is easy to follow.  As the title of this presentation says, the challenge is to navigate THRU these uncharted waters instead of focusing on working IN them.

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