Introduction to Presentations

Quick Summary: This is a series of presentations created from the contents of the CxO-Atlas article collection.


The articles in the CxO-Atlas collection are short, single subject pieces intended to be read in two or three minutes.  Many of them from logical groups for review and discussion.  A series of presentations encompassing many of the individual subjects have been created in the past and are now being made available in this chapter.

Over the years, the author has prepared delivered a large number of presentations that cover a wide range of business topics.  Audience sizes have varied from a few individuals to hundreds.  Presentation lengths also varied from 20-minute over-lunch sessions to two-hour seminars.  This chapter contains updated versions of those presentations.   Planned presentations that will be added over time are listed in article 8.010002.

All of the presentations were created with Microsoft PowerPoint™ and utilize only the product's basic capabilities.  The files, therefore, should be compatible with most other presentation software tools.  Only the default fonts were used to also help with portability.  The presentation includes standard PowerPoint Notes that are intended to provide the user with background information and more details about each slide's content.  The Notes, in narrative form, are not intended to be used in real-time by the presenter as they present to an audience.  The Notes should be thought of as a study guide to be used in presentation rehearsals.   To aide in this activity, a separate PDF file that contains the slide notes is included with most of the presentations to allow the presenter to "read along" as they view the slides in the presentation mode.

What will become apparent when viewing any of the presentations included in this chapter is that the author has minimal artistic ability!  Hopefully, the user can get past the "visual impairment" of the slides and focus on the content.  The presentations are not "sales" or "investor" slide shows, intended to "sell" the subject.  Instead, they were created as educational slide decks.  As such, the "presentation rules" such as “lots of pretty pictures,” 40-point font, and ten words per slide were not followed – not by a long-shot!

The slides included in this chapter are divided into sections that follow the organization of the CxO-Atlas website collection with one exception as shown below.  There are several constant themes that are applicable to different presentation topics, so some of the slides appear in more than one presentation.

Section Number and Name corresponding to Volume Name – except as noted below*.

1      Introduction and Overview

2     Seven Principles

3      Starting a Company

4      Managing a Company

5      The Top Line

6      Support and Development

7      Governance

8      Investor Considerations*

9      Everything Else

10   Startup Insights Forum*

11   Life Lessons Over Lunch*

Section 8 is an exception to the mapping of chapter sections to website volumes.  Section 8 contains presentations related to raising money and working with financial investors.

Section 10 does not correspond to a Volume.  Instead, it contains the notes created to lead group discussions in a program called "Startup Insights Forum." Each forum discussion is centered on one theme taken from the CxO-Atlas website articles.  After a review of the discussion notes, the forum participants informally discussed the subject by asking questions and sharing their experiences with others.  SI Forum notes are typically two pages long and list some of the relevant articles from the CxO-Atlas website.

Section 11 does not correspond to a Volume.  Instead, it contains presentations and the accompanying slide notes given to participants in the Life Lessons Over Lunch program sponsored North Point Ministries (Alpharetta, GA).  Many of these presentations are shorter versions of other presentations included in other sections of this chapter.

Once registered on the website, users can download the presentations and the associated Note files.  Users are free to use the presentations as they see fit, requiring only the acknowledgment that the material is owned by RDK Consulting, Inc. and was made available through the website.

As of 2022-09-13, 41 Presentations have been released, totaling 1,489 slides.

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