Released Tools and Presentations

Quick Summary: This article lists the released tools and presentations included in this Volume .


The introductory article to this Volume lists the planned tools, presentations, and other source files that will be added to this website.  The files will be downloadable in their native file format.  This article provides a listing of the articles that have been released as of  01/09/2020.

The articles and associated downloadable files that have been released are listed below.





Company Assessment Tool Basic Version

These articles and the associated Excel™ workbooks are a tool that an investor could use to evaluate and compare companies.  Useful for entrepreneurs and companies seeking capital.


Company Assessment Tool Advanced Version


Risk Assessment Tool Basic Version

These articles and the associated Excel workbooks provide a numerical method to capture the likelihood and severity of risks that the company faces.


Risk Assessment Tool Advanced Version


Investor Messages Evaluation Tool

Evaluate your company with statements that are likely to be important to investors


Process Examples: Overview

These articles provide real-world examples of five different simple tools that can be used to create processes.  The nine articles in Chapter 6.03 provide the context for these examples.


Process Example: Ordering Lunch


Process Example: Customer Fulfillment


Process Example: Inflection Point Sequential Processes


Limited Partner Returns Model

An Excel workbook that shows the returns to Limited Partners based on venture firm company investment outcomes.


Term Sheet Example

An Excel workbook that shows the impact of various investor term sheet deal terms.


Business Plans versus Planning a Business

A PowerPoint™ presentation that describes what should be included in a Business Plan and how it should be kept up-to-date.


Three Questions to Answer

A PowerPoint presentation that discusses three simple but important questions about the fundamental premise of the business that every entrepreneur needs to objectively answer.


Guidance from Gurus Part 1

Three PowerPoint presentations that each include 12 authors and their quotations that are directly applicable to most businesses.


Guidance from Gurus Part 2


Guidance from Gurus Part 3


Your Message: Less is More

A PowerPoint presentation that describes the need and the techniques to develop messages that are understood, remembered, internalized, and can be repeated by others.


Force Multiplication Through Partner

A PowerPoint presentation that explains the advantages and disadvantages of working with partners for small companies.


Where Are You Spending Your Time

A PowerPoint presentation that charts the various phases of the development of a business and when it is appropriate to seek funding from the several available funding sources.


Funding Alternatives

A PowerPoint presentation that describes the dozen different sources of funding for a startup and provides the recommended order to pursue them.


Inside the Head of Investors

A PowerPoint presentation that provides insight into the motivation and required outcomes of Venture Capital firms and their Limited Partners.


SI Forum: Company Focus

A collection of handout notes used in interactive forums that discuss a wide variety of subjects of interest to individuals involved in the entrepreneur/startup ecosystem.  Each article listed contains multiple session notes.


SI Forum: Internal Issues


SI Forum: Investor Considerations


SI Forum: Sales and Revenue


One Million Cups Presenter Questions

A PowerPoint presentation that is a subset of the Three Questions that Must be Answered presentation targeted at the One Million Cups audience.


Tiny Goals for Maximum Results

A series of PowerPoint presentations given to the Life Lessons over Lunch Forum.  They are shortened versions of other listed presentations.


Elevator Pitches Should Work in 2 Story Buildings


David and Goliath Business Partners


Navigating Thru Uncharted Waters

A PowerPoint presentation given to different groups after the COVID-19 outbreak.




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