Planned Tools and Presentations

Quick Summary: This article lists the planned tools and presentations that will be released over time.


Over fifty presentations and tools have been created and made available on the site.  Work continues with more tools and presentations planned for future release.  This article lists the currently planned additions that will be made over time. 

Planned presentations and tools.


Quick Summary


Planned Presentations



Where Are You Spending Your Time

Chart the various phases of the development of a business and when it is appropriate to seek funding from the several available funding sources.

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Shark Tank: Entertainment or Reality

This popular television show is carefully crafted to appeal to general consumer audiences with some accurate but many inaccurate portrayals of the investor/entrepreneur negotiations.

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Tidbits of Advice for Early-Stage Companies

A presentation based on the article of the same name that is intended to summarize many of the items included in the Starting a Company volume.

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Execution:  The Difference Between Success and Failure

Once a product or service has been validated, success is dependent on Incremental Focus and Execution and determining what should be done not what could be done.

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Growing Pains: They Never Stop

As an entrepreneur transitions to the Chief Everything Office then on to the Chief Executive Office, the organizational dynamics also change.  Watch for the signs.

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Sales Events and a Leaky Funnel

Focusing on sales dollars invariably leads to missed expectations.  Instead focus on forecasting sales events, their timing, and their duration.  Flush don’t fill the funnel.

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Competitive Spider Charts

Spider charts are a useful technique to provide a subjective comparisons of companies that can provide a lasting impression of the viewer.

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Process Implementation: Much Easier Than You Think

Some people equate processes with bureaucracy.  In fact, they are totally opposite, and processes can be implemented quickly and easily but only when needed.

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Process Overview Kickoff

Everyone must be on-board and embrace the implementation of process for the right activities at the right time.

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Mergers and Acquisitions: Overview

It is remarkable how many mergers and acquisitions do not meet their expectations.  The seeds of failure are often sewn before the deal is done.  It is easy to avoid most of the issues with some simple steps.

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Nine Factors in Evaluating a Company

How do you answer the question: “Will the company make it?”  Nine different factors: Market, Position, Traction. Management, CEO, Development, Operations, The Business itself, and Investment Attractiveness need to be considered.

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Entrepreneur Blink Test

A presentation based on the article of the same name that is intended to help an entrepreneur identify their customer focus.

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42 Years in 90 Minutes

Covers 18 specific items that I have “learned” over my career and covered in some of the articles in the collection.

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Planned Tools


Fitness for Use Tool

A listing of 30+ “quality” related characteristics that developers should think about and prioritize in their development efforts.

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Deal Calculation Template

An Excel worksheet that shows the impact of various investor term sheet deal terms.

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Adjusting Revenue Timing

An Excel worksheet that shows a simple method of adjusting revenue timing.

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Sales Situation Assessment

An Excel tool that helps a company determine where they are in terms of dealing with prospects.

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Sales Funnel Progress Questions

A listing of a number of sales progress questions with the ability to assign them to standard sales funnel levels and weight their relative importance.

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Business Partner Qualification Tool

An Excel workbook that lists business partner requirements and a method to evaluate them.

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Competitive Spider Charts

An Excel workbook example that shows how to compare competitive alternatives using Spider charts.

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