Introduction to Volume 8

Quick Summary: This volume contains tools and presentations related to articles in this collection.


The articles in this collection are written in plain text with bulleted lists and tables to allow them to be read and imported into most applications.  Much of the material discussed in some of the articles could benefit from the use of different formats such as Microsoft Excel™ and PowerPoint™, and PDF formats.  Volume 8 contains tools, presentations, and related material in their native file format.  Site-registered users download these items if and when desired.

This volume contains a collection of Excel™ tools, PowerPoint™ presentations, and text descriptions and presentation scripts of the material discussed in the articles in this site.  Some of the material was created many years ago while other material is a result of some of the articles recently written.

Each tool or presentation will be described in an article in this Volume.  Registered users can download (at no charge) the associated introductory article and then the related tool, presentation, or other files through the links contained in the downloaded introductory article.   As the contents are updated, the issue date of this article will be updated so that users can quickly determine what has been added by selecting the “WHAT’S NEW” tab on the footer of the website’s home page.

This volume is divided into chapters as follows:





Volume 8 Contents

Summary articles of the material included or planned to be included in this Volume.



Tools and techniques used to assess various factors associated with companies, markets, and risks.



Various forms and worksheets that cover a wide variety of internal company issues and subjects.



PowerPoint™ presentations accompanied with separate slide notes files on a wide variety of subjects.  The Startup Forum discussion notes are also included in this chapter.


A listing of the available Tools and Evaluations is included in article 8.020001; Released Tools Listing, and the available presentation list is included in article 8.040001.

Several other presentations and tools will be added to the site.  Some of these items need updating, while others need to be created

Article Number : 8.010001   

A Handy Reference Guide for Executives and Managers at All Levels.

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