Introduction to Opportunity Identification

Quick Summary: Ask a few basis questions before you start and answer them objectively.


The articles in this chapter discuss issues that a would-be entrepreneur need to carefully consider before they take the plunge and actually start the process of starting a company.  The first step is to ask some tough questions that only the entrepreneur can answer.  From the articles in Chapter 2.02, Principle One: Stay in Business it should be obvious that success is not easy and, in most cases, is a long shot.

There is a strong likelihood that anyone reading this chapter has already determined that they have identified a significant business opportunity and they have the skill set or the “secret sauce” ingredients that are sure to make it successful; perhaps overnight!  Such optimism is essential for every entrepreneur.  The envisioned rewards, whether they are financial, notoriety, self-satisfaction, or other motivations make it worth taking the risk.  It is, however, prudent to take a step back and ask some very basic questions about the opportunity as well as the you, yourself, to help ensure that you have objectively thought about some of the implications of taking the entrepreneurial plunge.  The articles in this chapter list some of the issues that should be considered.

Chapter Sections and Summaries

Hard Questions to Answer

It is easy to envision overnight success for your idea, thinking how easy it will be to pick up those pots of gold that are readily available and everyone else has missed.  Optimism is definitely required but a dose of reality needs also to be present.

Reality Check

Start out with “Why hasn’t someone else already done this” and then ask, “Am I solving a problem that customers agree needs to be solved now and are will to pay for”?  Finally, ask” Is this business sustainable?”  Let your objective answers guide your actions.

Turning the Key

Once you have convinced yourself, you have something worthwhile to pursue, get started but don’t “put the pedal to the metal” until you have looked around carefully.

Chapter Articles and Summaries

Introduction to Starting a Company


From the idea stage to the on-going operations period, challenges are everywhere.

Introduction to Opportunity Identification


Ask a few basic questions before you start and answer them objectively.

Works for Non-Profits Too


Sound business practices should be followed by both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

What Is Your Goal For The Business


Do you want to run or sell your business in the long term?

Just Because You Can


Many creative ideas are nice to talk about but should not be pursued.

Are You the Right Person


There are different skill sets required for an entrepreneur and a CEO.

Can The Business Ever Scale, Should It


Doing more of the same is usually not an effective method to grow a business.

Show Your Commitment First


Employees and investors need total confidence in you.

Chief Everything Officer


There are many roles that an entrepreneur must fulfill before becoming a Chief Executive Officer.

Is it a Feature, Product or Company


Before you start a business, ask yourself what is next.

Misplaced Encouragement


Truthful feedback, even if it hurts others feelings, may be appropriate in the long run.

It is Tough to Get Real


Step back and take a practical look at your business’s potential from the customer’s perspective.

Firing Your Brother-In-Law


Hire only people that you need and not friends and relatives that you may have to terminate.

What Does the Customer Really Want


Your perception of what the customer wants may be very different than the customer’s.

Business Variables are Constant


Planning ahead to address all of the elements required for the company to be successful is crucial.

Always Dance the Investor Dance


Carefully build a business plan that can stand up to the evaluation of independent investors.

Everything is Easy Until You Start


It is easy to envision the future, but it is hard to reach.

Start Before You Start


Divorce yourself from your new idea and ask some fundamental questions before you commit.

Starting Versus Beginning


The real issues only appear after you actually begin to develop a product or service offering.

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