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Quick Summary: Volume 1 provides a description of the intent, scope, and use of the CxO-Atlas web site.


The CxO-Atlas web site contains a large collection of articles that may be of interest to managers of all organizations.  Volume 1 provides descriptions of the intent and scope of the site and how to use its built-in searching and filtering capabilities to minimize the time a user needs to spend attempting to locate an article of interest.

Chapter 1.01 of this volume includes eight articles that describe the overall content, purpose, history, and use of the entire CxO-Atlas web site. The essence of each of those articles is captured in the Frequently Asked Questions tab in the footer on the home page.  The FAQs are also included as an article in Volume 1 as listed below along with the other articles in that volume. 

  1. Introduction to CxO-Atlas Web Site
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Target Audience
  4. Site Content and Organization
  5. How to Use this Site
  6. Site Genesis
  7. Site Name Meaning
  8. Content Availability

The remainder of this volume and this chapter describes several identified stages that businesses and non-profit organizations transition through on their way to steady-state, stable operations.  At first glance, these stages may appear to apply to only startup companies, but they are, in fact, applicable to any organization that is going through a change.  That change could involve entering new markets or regions, developing new products or services, or facing new or unexpected competitive threats.  Organizations quite often occupy multiple stages simultaneously.  Also, most of the articles in this collection apply to multiple stages.

The stages are presented in a logical order that tracks with the creation of a company or opportunity through the ongoing and never-ending pursuit of revenue.

As discussed in the article “How to Use this Site,” the user can browse through and select articles in sequential order according to either the business stage or overall subject category. With one click, users can switch between selection criteria.

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The weight of your world does not have to be on your shoulders.
The articles in this site will help to lift that weight from your shoulders.
Pick an article similar to how you pick a route on a page of an atlas.
There is no need to look at other articles, just as you ignore other pages in an atlas.
It is easy to start a business but it is hard to run. Bumps and unexpected sharp turns in the road are always present.
Others have traveled the road before you; learn from them. This site may help.