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Although it is quite common in books, it is a bit unconventional to include a “Thank You” section in a web site.  For those readers that know me and my three-year project of finalizing this content, they know that I refer to it as a book.  So, in keeping with that description, I feel obligated to include a Thank You section in it.  Below is a list of the people and organizations that have had a direct influence on this “book’s” content.


Nancy Berger

My beloved wife of 48 years and still counting.  To say that she is the wind beneath my wings is a gross understatement.  Not only has she been supportive of every decision and path we have taken, but she has also been a significant participant in my career and provided the stability that I so desperately needed along our way.


Scott Williford

The founder and CEO of vLink Solutions (  Scott been a good friend and trusted advisor and is responsible for the look and feel of this web site.  Scott took my suggestions about the look and feel of the web site, and one by one, thankfully discarded them!  In addition to his design creativity, he oversaw the actual outsourced development of the site while I focused on the content which he made usable. 


Frank Wapole

Frank was a senior Motorola executive and CEO of ARDIS.  Frank was my boss and mentor.  I have been fortunate in working with and for many outstanding individuals, but Frank stands out far ahead of all others.  He is the definition of Business Ethics and Leadership.  He also showed a remarkable amount of patience in working with and on me.  If I had met Frank earlier in my career, I would not have made anywhere near the number of mistakes that I made and the content of this book would be probably cut in half!


CEO Netweavers

I have been a member of this organization for the past eight years. It consists of a group of 70 CEOs, retired CEOs, and high-level trusted advisors.  The members share the common focus of servant leadership through pay-it-forward activities helping business leaders.  The interaction with the members and experiencing their universal willingness to help others was part of the inspiration for this project.


Past Colleagues

To my business associates at the companies I have worked with, I owe special thanks. Many of them probably will not believe that I have authored many of the articles in this collection.  Their common message would be “that is not the Tom Berger that I knew.”  Most would be correct!  I have made many mistakes along the way, and others have suffered the consequences.  To them, I apologize.  My primary motive for developing this content was to help others avoid the mistakes that I have made, and I made far more than my fair share.


A Handy Reference Guide for Executives and Managers at All Levels.

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