Over the past three years, I have invested about 3,000 hours organizing and creating the content included in this website.  Additionally, in the past several years, I have coached over forty companies and probably that many entrepreneurs on a pro bono basis.  I have gladly donated my time to these activities. 

I would, however, appreciate some financial help to offset the substantial costs that I have incurred in outsourcing the development of the website and funding its on-going operational costs.

Any and all donations, through the PayPal link below would be greatly appreciated but certainly are not mandatory.  A $10.00 donation would be fine.  It is the external validation that the site is providing value to others is more important than the dollar amount.

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A Handy Reference Guide for Executives and Managers at All Levels.

9 Volumes 42 Chapters ~700 Articles

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The weight of your world does not have to be on your shoulders.
The articles in this site will help to lift that weight from your shoulders.
Pick an article similar to how you pick a route on a page of an atlas.
There is no need to look at other articles, just as you ignore other pages in an atlas.
It is easy to start a business but it is hard to run. Bumps and unexpected sharp turns in the road are always present.
Others have traveled the road before you; learn from them. This site may help.