Re-Imagine Your Business

Quick Summary: Define who you are by your actions, not your words. Involve everyone in the company.


The reputation of organizations is characterized by their actions, not their slick advertising or marketing programs.  Establishing a reputation is the responsibility of everyone.  In today’s wildly varying business climate, all of us are looking for stability.  Companies with a simple plan can set themselves apart with an easy-to-start and maintain approach implemented by everyone.

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Paraphrased from the Introductory article in this chapter:

“What will become apparent when viewing this presentation is that the author has minimal artistic ability!  Hopefully, the user can get past the “visual impairment” of the slides and focus on the content.  The presentation is not a “sales” or “investor” slide show, intended to “sell” the subject.  Instead, it was created as an educational tool. As such, the “presentation rules” of lots of pretty pictures, 40-point font, and ten words per slide were not followed – not by a long-shot!”

The full title of this presentation is “Re-Imagine Your Business -With a Single Word.”  Of course, there is no magic wand or spell that transforms a business.  Expanding the title even further would be Build Your Business based on a Single Word.  All of us have gone through trying times in our personal and professional lives due to Covid.  We are living in what I refer to as a “New Abnormal.”  We cannot rely on our experience to guide our future.  We will be living in a “Covid Coping” world for the foreseeable future.  Many of the “givens” and “norms” of the past have been shaken and are no longer applicable.  The age-old “fear, uncertainty, and doubt (aka FUD) seems to be everywhere.  All of us are looking for stability.  For businesses, it is as much an internal issue as it is an external issue. 

This presentation suggests a method for companies to provide an anchor point that resonates with employees, partners, prospects, and customers.  It is based on focusing on one, and only one, key attribute demonstrated by everyone in their interactions with their colleagues, customers, and anyone else involved with the business.  Many companies have knowingly and unknowingly embraced this notion in the past.  It is simple, easy, and can be implemented in days with results that can last for years.

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