David and Goliath Business Partners (LLoL)

Quick Summary: Working with established partners than compliment your company is a key to success.


The resources required by and available to entrepreneurs and small companies are always limited.  Working with established and much larger business partners that complement a company’s core competencies can help a company address all of their business issues and significantly accelerate their growth.  Using a David and Goliath analogy related to their size and attributes and not the Biblical outcome helps to frame the partnering discussion.

This presentation has been created for audiences that participate in the Life Lessons Over Lunch (LLoL) program.  The LoLL program is part of North Point Ministries (Alpharetta, GA) outreach program.  There are over 400 LLoL groups located across the country and overseas.  Individual groups meet regularly, share a free lunch, and watch videos or listen to speakers discuss a wide variety of topics of interest to the group. Open dialogue is encouraged during these informal meetings.   Information about the program can be found at https://lifelessonsoverlunch.com/about-us.

This presentation is based on articles and other presentations included in the www.CxO-Atlas.com website.  Access to all of the content and website registration is absolutely free.  The website contains over 620 short articles covering many aspects of starting and running a business.  The target audiences include entrepreneurs, CxOs, and senior staff members of private companies.  Most articles are two pages in length and can be read in two or three minutes.  Think of the site as an operational reference guide.  This presentation and an accompanying text document that contains notes for each slide can be downloaded by any register website user. 

The days of company total vertical integration are gone.  Successful companies invest heavily in their core competencies and outsource other activities whenever possible.  Entrepreneurs and small companies by definition are “Davids” when compared to their likely “Goliath” partners.  The David and Goliath analogy refers to their relative size and attributes and not the Biblical outcome.  In fact, the business partnering outcome must clearly be a “win-win” situation.  It is important to both parties to understand and acknowledge the reasons and expectations of each other.  Candid conversations must occur long before any agreement is made.

From the entrepreneur’s (Davids) perspective, business partnerships fall into three general categories:

  • Production: Helping the company create the product or service.
  • Support: Business related activities such as legal, finance, marketing, and human capital management,
  • Distribution:  Covering any or all of the activities from prospecting to selling and supporting the offering.

This presentation’s focus is on the Distribution category and can involve Referral, Sales and Marketing, installation and Maintenance, or Value Added Reseller arrangements.

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