Overview Customer Investors

Quick Summary: Customers make financial investments in the company by purchasing their goods and services.


The articles in this section discuss issues that relate to the company’s customers as investors.  Of the four investor categories, customers are the group that ensures the company’s continued success by purchasing the company’s products or services.  Treating customers as investors and, in turn, providing the proper environment for them to feel like investors will lead to a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

This section is quite short, consisting of only two articles.  This is not indicative of the importance of customers.  In fact, customer relationships and interactions are so important to the overall success of the company that issues and concepts regarding customers are included in four other chapters in this collection.  Many of the articles in those chapters could have easily been included in this chapter as well.  The related chapters are:

  • Chapter 5.01 Managing the Sales Effort
  • Chapter 5.02 Supporting the Sales Team 
  • Chapter 5.03 Customers
  • Chapter 5.03 Marketing

The remainder of this section lists the titles and abstracts of the two other articles contained in this section.

Customer Investors Introduction

In the past, many companies viewed “getting a sale” as a high stakes game and almost viewed the customer as an adversary that they had to be won over.  This was exemplified by the classic characterization of a used car salesman. The attitude of successful companies has totally changed with the emphasis now placed on forging a win-win relationship with both parties investing in each other.

Customer Investor Trust

Any investment in a company is predicated on the investment will generate a favorable return in the future.  That return will vary from one investor category to another.  Since no one can know the future, the decision to invest is a gamble.  To tip the odds in your favor, a relationship based on trust must be established between the company and each potential investor.  This is especially true for customers who, by working with you, have decided not to work with others and may be risking their own business or personal reputation.


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