Things to Think About

Ask and answer a broad range of questions before committing to starting a business.

Sales Aren't Happening

There are a dozen major activities that can impede the flow of sales with are often missed.

Learning From Losses

There is an outcome for every prospect that starts the sales process. Understand them.

Movin On Up

The keys to success for larger clients and smaller clients may not be the same.

What Is Next

Identify definitive six-month success goals to keep focused and avoid diversions.

Do Differently

Carefully and regularly review errors and traps you and others have made to avoid them.

Making Time Versus Taking Time

Show others that you are human and truly care about them and not just the work they do.

Hiring Number Two

Hiring someone to help shoulder the load of the CEO in a new company is critical to its success.

Why You, Why Us, Why Now

What’s In it for You and Me are obvious relationship questions that need to be clearly answered.

Dancing with Goliath Introduction

Forming a relationship with a large company first requires careful dancing.

Meeting Goliath

One never knows when an opportunity to meet a Goliath will occur; be ready.

Do Your Homework

Prepare carefully and thoroughly before initially meeting with a potential business partner.

Getting Goliath's Attention

Get Goliath’s attention by talking about increasing their revenue and market share.

Whom Are You Dancing With

Your Goliath contact needs to act as a local guide that helps you through the corporate maze.

Watch Your Ps and Qs

You are on-stage, in full view, during your first meeting with a Goliath act accordingly.

Hidden Goliath Enemies

Individuals within a Goliath can sabotage your efforts; don’t be surprised, but plan for them.

Goliath Land Mines

Potential land mines that can derail a David-Goliath relationship are everywhere; be careful.

Tiny Goals for Maximum Performance

Define and focus on very short, easily attainable goals, following the adage of one step at a time.

What's New

A log of chronological changes to this site.

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The weight of your world does not have to be on your shoulders.
The articles in this site will help to lift that weight from your shoulders.
Pick an article similar to how you pick a route on a page of an atlas.
There is no need to look at other articles, just as you ignore other pages in an atlas.
It is easy to start a business but it is hard to run. Bumps and unexpected sharp turns in the road are always present.
Others have traveled the road before you; learn from them. This site may help.