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Quick Summary: This collection will never be completed; more material will be added regularly.


Business issues are constantly changing, and this collection cannot possibly address all of the current and ever-expanding issues regarding the starting and running of businesses.  Far more information, written by individuals far better qualified than the author, is available online and at bookstores.

After three years of organizing, writing, and editing, the first release of this website included 493 articles.  All of them were listed with a date of 01/06/2017.  As new articles are released or as major changes are made to existing articles, the current date that the article is uploaded will be listed.

The site is far from complete.  In fact, it will never be complete!  Articles will be edited, new articles will be added, and tools, presentations, and other related material will be created and uploaded on a (somewhat) regular basis. 

Below is a partial list of the subjects that will be covered in future articles.  Some of the subjects will be covered in individual articles while others will consist of a series of related articles.   As a rough estimate, The subjects will require about ninety articles.  The list is in no specific order.

  • A five-letter word to spell success or failure; focus
  • Are you a soloist, part of a quartette, a member of the orchestra, the conductor, music director, the composer, or in the audience?
  • Backfiring claims; your statements will last forever
  • Boardroom or bored room
  • Factoids -- you are a winner
  • Forcing with forms
  • Get on the right elevator
  • It costs four
  • KDMs versus champions
  • What should keep you up at night
  • Leading edge not bleeding edge
  • Lower the price initially
  • Not yet
  • Moving out of the garage
  • Overnight takes ten years
  • People with their hand out, keep your money in your pocket
  • Picking a developer
  • Plan to be a rock star
  • Prepaid licenses, the very best way to raise money
  • Prepare the ground before planting the seeds
  • Relational versus transactional interaction
  • Revenue cost or fatigue
  • Selective civility
  • Show confidence, not contracts
  • The big transition: one-shot or recurring, force multiplication
  • The ups and downs of the revenue cycle
  • Three kinds of Boards, different purposes and timing
  • Why do M/A transactions fail?
  • Why is the price so low?
  • Wish-casting
  • You are not alone, CEON stats
  • Youngsters walking down the aisle


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